Horoscope Of 13 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Your moral and self-esteem are high in a tricky situation are sorted out. Now be aware of others motives for they can be confusing. If further plans are threatened, just know it will be sorted ASAP!


Taurus: Arguments will get the help they need to get sorted. People around you are going to be helpful. There is going to be a celebration that may involve travel. Old and new energies will mix today.


Gemini: It’s time to get the dead wood in your life out. No need to hurt or destroy it, but let it out. Some solitary time will help you work better on yourself. Truths will be clear.


Cancer: Good fortune is coming your way today. There may be some shocking news but that will lead to immense clarity and ease forward movement. Blessings in disguise are on their way with help to see them.


Leo: Gateways of success are open pathways of discovery. The past was dark but now there is illumination and you will be able to see what needs to be seen in absolute brightness. Realize your full potential.


Virgo: Change is inescapable. Learn to stay in sync with it and you will be fine. Someone may fail a test you have set and that will give you clearer answers. Just stand on the sidelines and watch.


Libra: It’s a cheerful day. New work opportunities come knocking and you are advised to take them up to better your standing in the network. People may be jealous. A successful day in love for you today.


Scorpio: There is a possibility of having a new house or a workplace today. It brings happiness. New friendships are formed and old ones renewed. There is a simple change that you will love. Your heart will soar.


Sagittarius: When you are rested, composed and have established where you stand in your life, you will get what you ask for. Travel to useful places and people giving you what you always wanted is inevitable today.


Capricorn: Today ends all arguments with family and friends and harmony reigns. Loving words and deeds will bring someone special closer to you. Listen to your heart and allow happiness to come closer with each beat today.


Aquarius: Only self-doubt will limit your potential. Sometimes fate needs to be prompted with imaginative endeavors. Good news from overseas or some distance will make you happier to forge ahead. Soon there will be financial gains, new friends.


Pisces: Even if it looks like it’s the end, don’t give up. What you desire is right around the next bend. Hindrances and obstacles placed in your way are only temporary. The tides will turn for you.

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