Horoscope Of 10 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Spend all your energy in celebrating the venture at hand. There are sounds of success all around. It could be a new project or even a pregnancy announcement. An engagement perhaps. Make the party happen today.


Taurus: What you are looking for is in your hands right now. All you have to do becomes aware of it. You need to change the state of mind you are in and make it brighter.


Gemini: If it’s a competition you have to have that spirit in you. You need to go through it with enough courage. You cannot give up at the first sign of defeat. On the contrary, play fair.


Cancer: A new beginning in every aspect is mentioned today. Especially with finances. Stay grounded and keep rising higher. This is a day you flourish and come into your own, strongly. It’s your day to shine and HOW!


Leo: You could feel a little lost. Things could be really close at hand and yet not manifest for you today. Work on changing your perspective about the methods and the details of your situation. All are working!


Virgo: You are in your element today. Be yourself and just remember to involve the world around you in your day. If you have to give advice, do it. Make sure it is tried and tested. Merriment!  


Libra: You are called to a new path today. Explore unchartered territories. Put on your brave and go do what you may have been afraid of for a while. Travel is indicated. But be safe beloved Libra.


Scorpio: There are two sides to everything. Then there is the balanced version. It’s a day to stick to the balance and be just in everything you deal with. Adhere to the Law, you will not fail.


Sagittarius: There is a change of someone or something trying to attract you strongly today. This may not be a great option though, Sagittarius. Try to stay free of greed and illusions. Take your time to decide.


Capricorn: There may be a sense of loss today. PAUSE! Look behind and you will see all that is still standing. Stay in the present moment and don’t let emotions run the show. Acknowledge them, honor them.


Aquarius: The thoughts have taken over your day. SO much mental activity will possibly give you a migraine or a headache. Are you getting nightmares or just no sleep at all? Relax and use lavender essential Oil.


Pisces: Organized intuitions can be very powerful for education. But the alternative world is as, if not WAY MORE powerful. Choose how you want to grow your knowledge and how you want to spread it. Create Groups!


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