Horoscope Of 8 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Things are in the ideation phase right now for this venture. Take this seriously. It is important to get the blueprint of the project done as precisely as possible so that the execution is easy.


Taurus: You are in a space where you need to receive with grace and dignity. It’s beautiful to give but it is equally important to receive. You never know what gifts are waiting to come your way.


Gemini: Climbing up the highest mountain without enjoying the journey is not going to make a difference to your growth. But even the smallest step in the right direction with full awareness will change a lot today.


Cancer: Are you being rigid today, or facing someone who is? Discipline is completely different than being stubborn. You are the rock in many people’s lives but you need not be a boulder, impeding the way. Gentleness.


Leo: Your plans are made and your allies are rounded up today. Now it is time to explain the layout and start acting. You have the energy, on every level, to go ahead with executing your plan.


Virgo: Are you up to some sort of mischief? There’s a big bang about to occur and there will be egos hurt and things are broken. Allow the divine to decide the right time for things to happen.


Libra: Be a creator and a nurturer today. What are you pregnant with? There are abundance and maternal energy all around you. Pay attention to the womenfolk, eat right and finally rest enough. You need it.


Scorpio: You have complete control over your carnal desires. You have the courage and strength to guide your mind and body into that which is going to be more fruitful. Use this power to your benefit today.


Sagittarius: The creativity and innocence you had as a child are still somewhere within you. It is time to tap into it and learn to lead a fun-filled colorful life. Walk around barefoot. Eat ice-cream.


Capricorn: You seem to be running away from something. You have decided this long ago. The lovely part is that you are taking others along with you, just like you had promised. It’s going to be perfect!


Aquarius: You are called to rest now and leave the cares of the world aside. Sometimes a little distance from that which you are preoccupied with gives you the much-needed perspective shift. No decision making today.


Pisces: Being in balance can be a lot of fun. Take a good look are all that is going on around you and know what you want to willing to lean towards. No everything is necessary today.


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