Horoscope Of 6 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Fire need not always burn. It can be very nurturing, giving one the warmth needed then. What is your attitude doing to yourself and the ones around you? Can you be more nurturing? Need it yourself?


Taurus: Ones ability to respond decides on how things will go forward from there. Is there somewhere you have not been responsive? Take a look at your life and decide where you can be more responsive today.


Gemini: You need more grounding today. Time in nature like a walk on grass or even just sitting by your houseplants will make a difference. Think more practice today. Honor everyone and celebrate everything around you.


Cancer: Telling or hearing a story is an extremely enriching experience. It is what adds juice to creativity and expands our attention. A story is a medium to a new world. You are a storyteller today.


Leo: Use the energy of gentleness today. You need healing and are also called upon to spread it to the best of your ability. Be the vessel that carries the needed awareness for the present healing.  


Virgo: Share all you can today. Things will speed up without a seconds notice and you will have to keep pace. Make sure you have called on your support system in this time of change within you.


Libra: You are going to realize some new abilities within you. These may have been deeply buried within you and will feel new when they resurface today. Also, there is a new view of things around you.


Scorpio: Today is the day of victory for you. As you look around and count all that remains after the recent events you will know that you have succeeded in doing what you set out to, primarily.


Sagittarius: You are a passionate person. Give allowance to the spontaneity in you to express itself. Being afraid of this innate power will only hold you back. Don’t be afraid of getting burnt by your own fire.


Capricorn: There is a space within and without you and the other in your life. Today is the day you learned to respect and honor all of these spaces. They hold much magic and many answers you seek.


Aquarius: Make today a ritual of Joy in your life. Find things and recognize them when they have even the tiniest potential of giving you any kind of happiness. Spread your arms and welcome the sun in.


Pisces: You are in a time of high fertility. This means you have to make sure you are tending to live very carefully and thoughtfully. Whatever you sow right now will bear fruit. Sow with awareness.


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