Horoscope Of 4 March


By: Pushtiie

Aries: The mind is as sharp as a blade today. Just control how the words may slash. It’s a winner’s streak today so some appreciation is expected. Stand tall. Take care of the spine and getting cut.


Taurus: Emotions are high and you are all ready to act upon them. But you are a naively motivated one today. Take action but make sure you don’t come on too strong for another to digest you.


Gemini: Work in teams of three today. Maybe with the same gender. It’s going to be great fun. Almost like a party. Go out drinking with the friends if you like, but know your limits, consciously.


Cancer: Arguments can be fun when they are a mock. But you never know when it turns into a serious thing and things go south. Be aware of what your words and actions are doing everywhere today.


Leo: How open are you to listen to your inner voice? Will you remain a skeptic or will you see the magic at the moment? Not everything has to be planned and logically executed. Allow wonder in!


Virgo: It’s a sunny day for you. Take a stroll outside and enjoy the sun. There is soo much to do when you change your mental scenario. The new beginning you are stepping to is offering this.


Libra: Your health is asking for your attention. Your legs may be the main area to focus on. There is also a chance to have a happy spa day with your loved ones. Finances will ease out.


Scorpio: Even if you are feeling down and disheartened, remember, the answers you seek are just around the corner. Will you give yourself enough time and a chance to go around the bend?


Sagittarius: You are in a position to share. Be grateful for this chance instead of letting it get to you. Be humble and loving to this day to receive way more than you are able to give.


Capricorn: Day to spend with your siblings and the young ones in the house, Capricorn. Time to connect with the innocence and the wonder of being the child again. No grown stuff for you today, AT ALL.


Aquarius: There is magic in everything and everyone around you today. You are in charge of it too. Make powerful and growth-oriented decisions with it. Just don’t get carried away with it coming so easily, Aquarius.


Pisces: An absolutely positive day that will bear positive fruit. Go with the flow and allow this positivity to carry you on its wave. Make sure you do not push it away with your moodiness and doubts.

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