Horoscope Of 27 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You may feel cornered. But you are not. Your back is supported and you are offered a chance to be valiant. You will shine under the kind of pressure you have today. Just go for it.


Taurus: Being stubborn is not going to make you right, Taurus. Being in charge does not make a difference if you are not willing to listen to others. Be the support you are. You are always valued.


Gemini: There is so much to choose from today, Gemini. It is also all in reach. Just make sure you choose and start working on making it a successful choice. You have it in you. Use fantasy.


Cancer: It’s going to be a balancing act. You have all the best opportunities available to you. But you also have to make sure give each one enough justice. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Leo: Softness is a great boon today. You are called upon to take action but the key is the love you put into it. You are energetic and creative. Your anger is not in the picture today.


Virgo: Spend time with the family today. There are some changes that may shift you around but you will love them eventually. Are you about to get an inheritance? Knowledge is also an invaluable resource, passed down.


Libra: You need to take a good look at the people around you, Libra. Some of them are really not worth it. Find out who. Take good rest and card of your back and spine. Emotional drain.


Scorpio: You have the energy of absolute suddenness today. Messages may come via the electronic medium and it will be extremely important you pay attention. Things are about to change and shift for you today. Avoid harshness.


Sagittarius: The day is as gentle as a baby’s bum. Feel free to be creative and artistic in all that you do today. If love is on the cards make sure you know what you are doing.


Capricorn: Do you feel like spending some alone time to hear your mind? Great idea. Take off for the day. The solitude will help you ground. Remember the world still exists and you have to be back.


Aquarius: Tradition is rich in knowledge and wisdom. Tap into it today. If you have to go to a traditional institution like a school or college or even a government office, do it. Make a support team.


Pisces: You don’t have to wait until the end to know how your actions are going to make you feel. Be sure you are acting and behaving in a way that has some eternal truth to it.


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