Horoscope Of 25 February 2018.


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s the day you forgive and seek reconciliation, actively, Aries. Put the judgments aside and see the growth taking shape. It getting serious and the love is opening up. It’s time to get intimate fully.


Taurus: Now is not the time to make changes. They may be attractive, but they are not the best. Don’t be lazy. With taking pride in your accomplishments and honoring your success, pay it forward, Taurus.


Gemini: Love is an important aspect for today. A past love may re-enter your life. Would you like to give it a second chance? Before that, love and celebrate yourself and your uniqueness. Does it still fit?


Cancer: You have the needed faith to get you through. Do not give up because of past mistakes. Be kind and supportive of yourself and others. Accept compliments. Careful of what you say. It has the lasting impact.


Leo: Today is an open invitation to see the magical in the ordinary and the ordinary in the magical. To know that separation is an illusion is the reality. Experience life and learn firsthand from it.


Virgo: Not everything is black and white. Everything has an opposite and you have to learn to digest that sometimes the opposite side is also right. Both can be right simultaneously. Integrate this knowledge well, Virgo.


Libra: A day to be optimistic and enthusiastic. Engage all your senses and be focused and confident. Take pleasure in life. You are a sensual, expansive and independent being. Express yourself as honestly as you can.


Scorpio: It’s time to leave your comfort zone, Scorpio. You have to go exploring now and find your personal expression. That makes you want to be by yourself and not be bound by another’s opinion, today.


Sagittarius: It’s an opportunity to break a cycle that will leave you light and happy. Go right to the source of your current emotion. The past can weigh us down. Let it gently slip off, today.


Capricorn: Writing today will keep the information you need safe. It is nice to have backups of all the important information. Guard your personal information and censor yourself in public. Be objective and seek multiple perspectives.


Aquarius: Let go of the labels people have allotted to you. Just be your authentic, honest and laughing self. You need to forgive. Ill health can be an issue today. Get the treatment you think you deserve.


Pisces: Communication is a very important aspect today. Be honest and do not embellish the truth. Remember to speak enough to be able to listen as well. Know the people you are going to talk to.


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