Horoscope Of 24 February 2018.


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Take responsibility for your life Aries. You are not dependent on the acceptance and allowance of the outside world. Be disciplined and dedicated to yourself and your craft. You already are your master and ruler.


Taurus: How important are your material possessions to you? Today, do a deep cleaning in the house and give away anything that does not serve you anymore. Also, there may be skeletons in the closet… Clean!


Gemini: There is emotional disharmony that affects your life right now. Love and fear are both powerful motivators. Check in with yourself... what is your influencer this time? Express all the unnoticed emotions and empty it out.


Cancer: Begin afresh. Break tradition and offer something new. The new opportunities will yield something you can take advantage of. It’s time to go beyond research and planning. An action is an energy you have to adopt.


Leo: Think organization and order. Time to de-clutter the house and the work environment. Not just of material things, but also of people and other energies. Create a structure in your day. Keep a time limit, today.


Virgo: Today's day gives you the opportunity to come face to face with your fears and your doubts on a more intimate level. You may feel alone or isolated. Trapped in the moment. Don’t play the victim.


Libra: Perception is the key to everything. Who influences your perception? Are you ready to make a change and find a new perspective? Look for all the facts and represent yourself honestly. Take the high road.


Scorpio: The road leads to many destinations, which one will u decided upon? Day to use and apply your knowledge, logic and common sense. Seek out your elders and their wisdom. Learn from your mistakes too.


Sagittarius: Not the best day to take risks today. Look beyond selfish desires and consider others feelings too. Not everything is as it seems. Avoid the easy option and don’t fall for the “amazing easy scheme”.


Capricorn: Change is unavoidable and there is no going back. Do you need a change in attitudes, beliefs, behavior? Focus on the short term future right now. The old must go for the new to come.


Aquarius: Who do you wish to become Aquarius? Find and establish a unique and individual identity for yourself that people may recognize you by. But remember even that is a fluid and changing energy. Nothing is permanent.


Pisces: A new career and financial opportunity may present itself today. It’s a great starting point. Be practical and pragmatic. Balance reward with consequence. Make preparations for the future. Your desire for security is answered Pisces.


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