Horoscope Of 23 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It is talking about a new beginning today. In the field of emotions and love. But you must free your heart form the bounds of fear and self-imposed limitations. Take a leap of faith, Aries.


Taurus: Being stubborn is going to get you nowhere. But otherwise, today you may find a solution you have been looking for. Communicate with diplomacy and keep an open mind. Set boundaries to heal the self.


Gemini: Be loyal to the authority you have accepted. Today is not about you. It’s about the Law and the higher purpose you know you are serving. Ask the questions you deem necessary for your functioning.


Cancer: See the good and pure in everyone and every situation. Set healthy boundaries to overcome obstacles with gentle determination. Know when it is wise to walk away from a situation. Aggression will not help today.


Leo: There are more beliefs than you believe in. It’s also not what you believe, it’s how you believe. See that you honor and walk in sync with everyone comfortably. Lift others up higher, today Leo.


Virgo: Figure out where you are functioning from. The old beliefs or new ideas? Know your mind and personal truth. There is a new beginning for you today. Know the difference between a fact and genuine knowledge.


Libra: you can only change yourself. SO keep an open mind. Find out how your mind affects the body and the body the mind. The questions asked today will bring you answers you are looking for.


Scorpio: A strong sense of balance in your energies needs to be arrived at. Drop stereotypes. Understand the opposing forces of creation and destruction, masculine and feminine, passive and aggressive. Be ready to realign your core.


Sagittarius: We learn from everything and everyone. But today is a very strong opportunity to go into a formal education again. Do not limit your intake of knowledge by any means. What is stopping you?


Capricorn: Repressing your emotions can cause disease. Acknowledge the feelings and learn the lessons they want to share with you. Do not prejudge the present based on the past. Address symptoms of emotional bottling before late.


Aquarius: It’s time for research and investigation, Aquarius. Look at and compare a range of options before you decide. Weigh the pros and cons. Be willing to compromise and not rigid. Step into your personal power.


Pisces: A mistake is an opportunity to learn. But you need to let go of the ego to see it. Think of the emotional cost of your actions. You may not always like the consequences, Pisces.

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