Horoscope Of 21 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You are truthful, wise and just. But don’t allow your intellect to alienate others. Stick to facts today and chose your words wisely. Be observant and emotionally detached. Stick with raw reality to make decisions.


Taurus: Today will end with a bright and positive outcome. You are an embodiment of love but you need to strike a balance between the emotions and common sense. Be open to sharing your vulnerability.


Gemini: It is time to put down the tech toys and meet people in person. You need to reconnect with others on a more real level. Address the stress and let it go. Try Meditation.


Cancer: You are a natural storyteller. Use it to communicate your feelings. Your knowledge must be shared while you are open to learning more. Remember to listen as you share. Stay away from smooth talkers.


Leo: Expressing anger is not wrong, bottling it in is! Take care of how you feel and what you express today. Be unafraid to walk the path you have chosen. You have the wisdom for it.


Virgo: You are the very epitome of positivity today. Channel it into everything you—whether it’s working on a terribly boring presentation, taking a walk in the park or making breakfast for the family. Your childlike enthusiasm is infectious! Use it to motivate those around you.


Libra: Today is an invitation to recognize the wholeness and unity you have within you. You are a harmonious being and in alignment too. Remember, fear and need are the cornerstones of dependency. Don’t get dominated.


Scorpio: Its time to reconnect with innocent pleasures. Forgive the past and put doubts aside. Heal yourself emotionally and physically, gradually, with joy and laughter. Turn dreams into a reality. See the potential of new beginnings.


Sagittarius: This is a time for preparations. People notice commitment and dedication to your desired goal. Sometimes risks and sacrifices are necessary for the increased opportunity. Keep the connection and intimacy going where you know it’s needed.


Capricorn: A happy and rewarding outcome is close at hand. But the steps towards it are slow and steady. Do not make hasty decisions and careless errors. Do not let fear of failure slow your forward momentum.  


Aquarius: Day to celebrate your victories.  Even the little ones. Find the satisfaction in all your endeavors as you have only success to look forward to even now. But free yourself of unrealistic expectations beloved Aquarius.


Pisces: Today is the day you choose to give your shadows the power they deserve. You can be peaceful and live in the present if only you deal with the past experiences. Have a positive emotional state.


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