Horoscope Of 18 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s the day for peace and harmony in your life today. Just settle in and float away from anything that is infuriating. Focus on gentleness. Keep the energy of the fire out of the equation.


Taurus: Being of the earth your intensity is not easy for everyone to manage. Tone it down in your interaction with the others today. But allow yourself to feel the power of it for you, completely!


Gemini: Turn inward. All the answers you are looking for are bottled up within you and waiting for their release. All you have to do, open the gates. For that you got to go within first.


Cancer: Do you enjoy your own company? It’s time to find out if you are lonely or alone today. Make that scary trip you have been avoiding. When you are back, everything will be right here.


Leo: Competition spurs you forward is a given. But don’t let that comparison get to your head or pull you down. See it as feedback and learn from it. You are the only energy you guide.


Virgo: You have more than enough. It’s time to give back the abundance life has given you. You are blessed and a feminine force will be the reason for your growth here on. Be grateful beloved.


Libra: You are learning from experience right now. Keep yourself in the company of gentle people who help you grow. Stay away, consciously, form the ones who stunt it for you. Be in love with YOU.


Scorpio: Laziness even for a day, today, will freeze you. Your achievements are laudable but they were yesterday. Today is a new day and a new game to play. No time to waste. Ready, Set, Goooooooooo!


Sagittarius: Safety and security will not come from holding to what WAS it will come from going head first into what IS and CAN BE. There is so much that you can achieve if you try.


Capricorn: Just because you can… don’t rebel. Look at what you are rebelling against and make sure why. What is your motive? What are you trying to prove and to whom? Do you really need to?


Aquarius: There is again an overload and you are feeling pressed down. Ill health is either there already or warning to come in soon. Calm down and stop getting over excited about anything. Please rest, today.


Pisces: It’s a day of celebrations for you. A new something is making its way to you and you will accept with open arms. Congratulations. Go dancing today. Be aware of your blood and water, today.

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