Horoscope Of 16 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: The energy is telling you to slow down and smell the roses today. Take in your surroundings and the matter at hand. Creating or working in haste can get you messed up results. So chill!


Taurus: What are you going to compromise about today? It is not going to make you happy and you might even want to reverse it later. Think well before you make any kind of such decisions.


Gemini: Think you can let go of the past? Make an effort and know that it will pay off. Today, the past is just holding you back and making everything else seem impossible. But… is it real?


Cancer: The energy around you is very healing today. It is encouraging you to look into self-healing and getting in sync with the natural balance of things. It’s a calm and peaceful day for you Cancer.


Leo: You are ready! Everything around you is ready. What are you waiting for? Take the step you have been contemplating and make the most of today! Don’t let doubt stop you from picking the fruit.


Virgo: Today your creativity blossoms and you can make the most of it. It looks like you will be ready with many ideas that you have not touched upon yet. The night is thinking time, Virgo.


Libra: Are you sure you are not projecting your feelings on another? May be you are still not aware of what you are actually thinking. Stop. Come out of the state you are, presently, check within.


Scorpio: Things that look completely different are now beginning to come together as one. A new thought process and vision are becoming available to you. Ease yourself into it. This is magic. Yield its best, Scorpio!


Sagittarius: The gates are open and you are welcome inside. Find out what is making you feel like an outsider and keeping you from entering. You alone can drop these apparent barriers you feel around you.


Capricorn: Today everything changes. What was going up will come down and vice versa. You can welcome a massive transformation of your energies and becoming one if you allow it. So much color waits for you.


Aquarius: There are so many possibilities you have not explored yet. But today can change that. It has come to give you the opportunity. Be sure you recognize it and make the most of it now.


Pisces: Great day to just let go of what does not serve you anymore. No one said it was going to be easy. But if you try, you will accomplish this for sure. You are blessed.


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