Horoscope Of 15 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You need to have Patience. Things have their own pace and you cannot hurry it up for your benefit. Take it slow today. Give people their time and you take yours too. No rushing Aries!


Taurus: It’s a day of group activity. Nothing can happen alone. The energy is collaboration and community now a days. Get on board Taurus. You are going to enjoy this too. Get in the groups. Participate!


Gemini: No need to be very different and special. The most special things are often the most ordinary. Just be the best you, you possibly can. You will do wonders everywhere with this energy today, Gemini.


Cancer: If one gets affected the others automatically do too. We are all one living being. Sharing and helping is the call for today. The world is one happy family and you are part of it.


Leo: Things change form. This does not mean that they are any different. The same comes back with a different face or need. Be aware of how that affects you. When do you change your form usually?


Virgo: Today you have an incoming of massive abundance today. It could be your attitude or your finances or even you love life. But the magick is in the abundance. Enjoy it completely. Build on it.


Libra: It’s time to bring everything together now. All the pieces and all the sides of you or the thing at hand are coming together. A new life cycle is starting today. It’s a positive beginning.


Scorpio: You have the source within you. It is activated and waiting for you to tap into it. If you are starting or you have just finished. Coming back to source is the mightiest relaxation, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: Today the energy is nudging you to listen to the inner voice that is always trying to guide you. How clear have you allowed it to be for you? Time to work more on it.


Capricorn: Guilt is someone else’s thought in your head. So go ahead to do what gives you the satisfaction and the happiness you deserve. Be careful not to be too selfish and inconsiderate on the way.


Aquarius: You do seem to have grown up. How are you doing with that? Can you do something to make this growing up more comfortable? This new point of view is really yours love. Enjoy it.


Pisces: How you feel is your responsibility. Passing it off as others is not going to work. Own the feelings you have and the thoughts your mind creates. Accept your distortions. They are all of you!


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