Horoscope Of 14 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Whatever you do today, do it in totality. Nothing halfhearted will bear fruit today. If you have to take a risk, take it! But give it your best shot. Mind, body, emotions, all of it.


Taurus: Today is a day where you will be mostly silent and within yourself. There is not thing to do and nowhere to go. Stay with your silence and enjoy your self-chatter. You will learn much.


Gemini: Whose burden are you carrying today? Why are you not the most important person in your day? Start recognizing the effects you have on yourself when you put yourself last.  Give back people’s burdens, Gemini.


Cancer: Your understanding expends a great many fold today. You will have a lot of clarity and it will bring a certain obviousness in your life. You will see things differently and more deeply now on.


Leo: You are a strong person. You may have forgotten it now a days. Today is the day that will remind you of your courage and ability to do the impossible. Just pay attention and act.


Virgo: Somewhere there is a feeling of being trapped and not finding a way out. Let me assure you, your mind is the only thing trapping you and holding you back form the freedom you want.


Libra: The simple things like innocence will take you thought the day. No matter what the situation go back to this childlike energy and ground yourself in it. Live today with the wonder of a baby.


Scorpio: To handle a delicate situation you don’t have to create havoc in your life. All you have to know is what you want at the end and how you will achieve it will come automatically.


Sagittarius: The mind is playing the fool with you today. It is playing the overloaded mode and waiting for you to fall prey to the chaos it can create. Who will win today? You or mind?


Capricorn: Explosion is the energy of your day. Now you can choose to make it creative or destructive. Whatever way you choose to take it, remember, you are going to have to handle the after effects.


Aquarius: Look where you are going. Fly and you will land safely. But make sure you know why you are flying. It’s a great day to take a calculated risk. It will be successful. Don’t be fooled.


Pisces: Today you can travel. Be in within or without, your travel will yield beautiful insights if you just be. Don’t try to force or control it. This is a beautiful unforgettable moment. Live it fully.

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