Horoscope Of 10 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Are things looking like they could use more? Is there a feeling of Lack and Insecurity around you? Stop. See what you have and how you can make the most of it. More resources available?


Taurus: The nudge today… find out what YOU really want to do and in any situation. Stop getting pushed by other people’s idea of your life. You, alone, know what you are all about. Own it.


Gemini: Inaction is better than action in some situations. May be the specific situation, today, is asking just that of you. If you don’t know how to deal with a situation, it’s better to step back.


Cancer: There is so much Chaos around right now. The old is splitting into a million pieces and you may feel a little lost. But this is only clearing space for the real new to come.


Leo: Stay alert and stay flexible. Pulling yourself down with your own thoughts is only going to create deeper and more lasting damage to you. Listen to your self talk. Follow your gut not your mind.


Virgo: You are flowing with a lot of new energy today, Virgo. It is the kind that makes everything manifest successfully. Be it work or matters of the heart. It will all work out perfectly right.


Libra: You seem to be a little restless today. What are you trying to resist and fight within yourself? There is misgiving in your mind and you heart is not being allowed to give its opinion.


Scorpio: The dramatic change in certain situations will come about. You may want to fight it, but there is no point. What does not want to stay with you, never did belong to you! Free yourself.


Sagittarius: Your path is to follow your intuition. Self-belief is important. Find the beliefs that stop you from believing in yourself. It is time to replace them with the ones that guide you to believing in you.


Capricorn: You have a strong and creative mind, Capricorn. Today, you are possibly going to come up with some really new and interesting ideas or solutions that you have been waiting for, for a while now.


Aquarius: Today is what you will make of it. If you entertain gloom it shall descend. But if you choose to have sunlight and star dust THAT shall undoubtedly descend. Take responsibility for your day Aquarius.


Pisces: It’s a bright day. Creativity, productivity and success are floating around you. They are just waiting for you to tap into their power. Pick and choose what you want today and make the most of it.


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