Horoscope Of 9 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Some stress can be real. But the kind you are holding today, may not be. Check around you, do you really need to carry it? Make sure you know why you are carrying it, Aries!   


Taurus: Where there is a will, there is a way. Can you bring yourself to do what needs to be done? Do you prefer to be a weakling, retreat defeated? Is your will power strong enough?


Gemini: Time to spend alone time. You need a little space to think right now. Take a few hours off and chat with yourself or a trusted friend. You need the silence to see within, clearly.


Cancer: So much abundance. It’s all for the talking and you are getting first preference. Use the lessons of the past to create something valuable today. Plant your seeds, water the shoots and trim the branches.


Leo: There is change in the air. You are used to movement and enjoy it. But this is a change at a deeper level. It’s about forever changes that you must pay heed to, beloved Leo.


Virgo: Being kind and compassionate is natural to you. This can sometimes take a lot out of you. Today, you have the opportunity to be grown up and the nurturer while you are taken care of.


Libra: Fear is predominant today. Are you going to look at everything from that perspective? Just take a break and know that you have to look fear in the eye and it will melt away, immediately.


Scorpio: You cannot give if your resources are running on empty or low. It is important to refill your energy before you start thinking about or looking after another. You need to be your priority today.


Sagittarius: You are strong and reliable. People look up to you. Today is the day you go out and help and in turn get the help you need too. You are wise and generous. Share it.


Capricorn: Give your partner a chance to fill you up to the brim with the love they hold. Drop any reservations… just flow with it. It’s time to feel the oneness life has to offer you.


Aquarius: Today, you have finally come to a space where you will find your inner grounding. Peace will descend upon your world and you can rest at last. The surrounding will help the magic happen. Aquarius.


Pisces: Loss is painful for everyone. How you deal with it and how you get beyond it is what matters. In the given situation don’t miss out on what is still sitting with you, around you.


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