Horoscope Of The Day (7/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries:  It’s a great day for new beginnings. You have been waiting to start something new for a while now and this is a great day to do it. Your patience is about to get rewarded.


Taurus: Control is not always the answer. Sometimes to allow the mind to flow into realms you are not very aware of is great. Today, permit yourself to go beyond what you have until now, Taurus.


Gemini: This is the stage to plan all that you want to do, here forward. You have your information. Now is the time to put it all down. Make it solid and give it a form!


Cancer: You are caring and fun but you can be a little silly and naive at times too. Be the innocent believer while you make sure you know what you believe in. Take your risk… successfully!


Leo: Security does not come from exerting material power. There is much success for you today, but it comes from realizing that every change keeps some kind of permanence. Accept the insecurity totally, it will fade.


Virgo: It’s a great day to make new connections. Treat yourself with love and respect and you will automatically do that for everyone else around. Time to take on more interesting projects that satisfy you creatively.


Libra: A brand new emotional beginning is coming about. A certain seriousness is engulfing the situation and you will enjoy it completely. Just be brave enough to express your emotions. Your heart is overflowing today, Libra.


Scorpio: A wish fulfilling day. What do you want to do and get today? Make a wish and then leave it up to the higher powers to make it come true. It’s that day for you.


Sagittarius: It’s the day you will gain clarity on your current situation. You will have a small victory that will propel your learning and confidence further. Make sure to SEE your next move before you act.


Capricorn: Your innate sensuality is very strongly roaming about today. Be it work or personal, make sure you see the impact you have on others. Be kind enough to think of them first. It’s naturally you!


Aquarius: You have the responsibility and you know you can handle it. You are wise enough to see what you need to do. You also have the help you need. You are guided and looked after.


Pisces: New energy flows through your being today. Make the best use of it as you can. Whatever you start today will succeed, provided you have given it a little thought and honesty. Enjoy the rush!


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