Horoscope Of The Day (6/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Something is coming to a completion. Do you have a few last touches you want to give it? But the idea of celebrating this moment is stronger than anything else. Let it all come together.


Taurus: Ok.. You were hurt in the past and not just once. But how long will you stay there, beloved? It’s time to move on. Let the lesson remain and healing begin. You will regenerate soon.


Gemini: It’s a powerful day where you will make a breakthrough. Something you have been working on will show you how to go forward. It can be any aspect of your life. Primarily, health and wealth.  


Cancer: Your path lies clearly before you. All you need now is the Self-confidence and a little faith to walk upon it. You are being guided upward to the goal you have been working so diligently towards.


Leo: Today, you will have to go through strong solitude to understand what you really want. Help from anyone, at this time, will not lead you to the right path. This is your personal quest, Leo!


Virgo: From emotional stability you are not coming into providing sustainability too. Your role has not changed. You just got more responsibility now and for you it’s a piece of cake. You have it all covered.


Libra: It’s a day of great insight. You never know where it will come from. So keep your senses sharp today. The moment of illumination will come from anywhere and you don’t want to miss it.


Scorpio: Its calm waters today. Time to take it easy and spend time thinking and contemplating what needs to be done further. The clarity in your mind shows, may surprise you. It’s all light and easy.


Sagittarius: You are alert and sharp, Sagittarius. Sometimes, though, you can live in the mind and forget everything else. Allow your emotions to add to the power you wield. You will be admired for it, today.


Capricorn: You need some stability and surety in your heart and mind about a few aspects, today. Know that when you ground and re-think these aspects you will see the results you have been looking for.


Aquarius: There is soooo much abundance around you, Aquarius! The question is are you willing to look at it or you just going to stay stuck with what you think you have and don’t really want?


Pisces: Wasting your mental energies on thinking of what is gone or not needed is not going to help. You have to shift out of this space and start getting more aware of how you think.

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