Horoscope Of The Day (5/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Bring balance in to yourself today. Do not be pulled into defending or explaining your work or actions that are a secret yet, but have popped out. You have to be patient to see results.


Taurus: You are bending toward thinking negative thoughts today. You are capturing your mind and the ability to think high thoughts for some past experience. Set your mind free now. Know you can make a difference.


Gemini: Today is a creative calling for you. It feels like you want to nurture and be nurtured. The need to create something, including a child, can become very strong. Check your motivations for it first.


Cancer: You have invested a lot into the self and now it’s showing results. It’s time to share this abundant energy with as many people as you can. The more you share that more you get.


Leo: Stand up for what you believe in without any compromises. Stay centered and focused, allowing things to untangle themselves. You just have to stand back and watch. This time around, you just endure it, Leo.


Virgo: It is clear that you have doubts in this moment. Find out what prompted them to come and why you are holding on to them. Make a grounded inquiry within yourself to find today’s answers.


Libra: Sometimes you just need to rest with all the energy you have already used up. You seem to be in or close to depletion right now. Just be aware of how much you can use.


Scorpio: Step back right now, Scorpio. Do not hurry this process. If you give it time a better and more creative solution will come about naturally. This time, you just wait and watch how it unfolds.


Sagittarius: It is time to make your thoughts and your vision about everything you are involved in clear. Spend some time with yourself to think about what you really want. It’s important for the journey further.


Capricorn: Strengthening of relationships and bonds that matter to your heart. A relationship can become an engagement or an internship can become a permanent job. The starting of security is what is showing up today. EMOTE!


Aquarius: Possessions are a form of being possessed. Look around you, what possesses you? How does it make a difference in your life and would you like it to continue? Become aware and free yourself, today!


Pisces: It’s time for a new beginning. There is a chance you will be involved with something right from the start, making you aware of all its aspects. Don’t jump into an ongoing project this time!


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