Horoscope Of The Day (4/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Stability and clarity, today, will bring you great rewards. Make sure you celebrate and value all that has been given to you and been shared by you too. The number 3 will be important today.


Taurus: Success is attracted through foresight and humility. Today is the day you bring complex situation to a closure with your inherent grounded nature and ability to keep the calm. Your attitude will bring you Honor.


Gemini: All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. Pay attention to what you do and say. Listen to all 3 side of the argument. The two parties and the actual truth. This will bring peace.


Cancer: Today is your lucky day! The path forward can begin to be set. Your understanding of what is happening around you will get clearer and you will be able to look ahead better. Change is inevitable.


Leo: The plans have been laid and now it is time for action. All the training you have done will be put to use on this venture you undertake. Don’t waste time and start moving forward.


Virgo: Silence is golden. This is the time you remain silent and listen to everything around and within. There is a lot of knowledge coming your way today. Silence works on all levels, conscious and unconscious.  


Libra: You have the wisdom and the knowledge of all that you need. You also have the magick to use this in the best way possible. Just allow yourself to be in aww of nature, today.


Scorpio: You need a change of scene. It’s not difficult. Common sense is called upon today. The passions need to be laid at rest and basic behavior acted upon. Merge when you need not be seen!


Sagittarius: There may be struggles and hard ships yet to come, but there is much already accomplished. This is a day for accolades that open up more of what you need to do now. Expect completion.


Capricorn: The energy today calls out to you to be part of a group. Make today a day of joint effort. It is needed to make strong foundations and a constant flow of energy for growth.


Aquarius: All that you are planning to do will happen. Or start showing signs of happening. Be dedicated. Follow through with every lead. Once done, don’t push it. Just wait patiently and it will manifest automatically.


Pisces: Everything needs time. All you have to do is feed it right. Make the effort to cultivate it with love. If you try to hurry, it will back fire. There are seeds of abundance all around.

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