Horoscope Of The Day (30/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today could feel like a mystery. Whatever happens today is not a finality. It’s the beginning of things to come. These will reveal themselves gradually as time advances. But there is ample strength and hope.


Taurus: There are contradictions in everything and everyone. And they are necessary. They are the balance. Don’t be surprised, just seek your inner contradictions and make peace with them. You are a wise person. Show it.


Gemini: Don’t run yourself to ruin today. Be aware of your friends and your enemies. The recuperations of the actions you do today will come back in the future. Notice them, they are an investment worth making.


Cancer: You have always been a peacemaker. It is that time again. End the conflict within and without you. You have to take the initiative, be it friendship, affection, guidance or justice. Avoid getting moody today.


Leo: Being called out for what you have done is never a good feeling. And yet, you have to go through it as it’s your action. It’s that moment when you wish you had acted differently.


Virgo: You are being asked to focus and concentrate today. It’s an important day where things are going to be decided and the movement to further actions planned in great detail. May feel like a competition.


Libra: Know that all actions have an equal reaction. Work with honesty, integrity, passion and dedication. You are possibly going to be offered a chance you have been waiting for, for a long time. Lucky You!


Scorpio: You are on the verge of finding what is really important to you. It’s right under your nose. And yet, you have to introspect and allow the nonsense to get swept away from around it.


Sagittarius: There are many faces to a single being, even you! What face are you wearing today? Be aware of the kind of feelings and emotions you are being visited by today. Stand by. Just observe.


Capricorn: You are a pioneer. Today is the day you establish another path around you that people will learn to follow in the future. But remember, even you need to settle into safety and togetherness, beloved!


Aquarius: You are fierce, dedicated, courageous and skillful today. But your inspiration may go waste as the reason you are using these traits is not as potent. Wait, think and finally act! Impulse is not power!


Pisces: You are a creative one. You know the strength of humor and suddenness. But you also have the innocence that is needed to share this humor. Tap into this aspect of yourself. Crack a joke!

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