Horoscope Of the Day (27/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: The answers are just beyond where you are looking. Hang in there and turn to the other side. Your health and relationships and finances maybe looking down. They are about to look up soon, Aries.


Taurus: Your imagination is plenty active today. This is a great sign of how creative you are about to get. Just be careful not to go overboard. Fantasy can be a blessing, sometimes, if used well.


Gemini: Are you looking over your shoulder today? This situation may have happened before, but it’s a new energy this time. You have it in you to make a difference in your life, this time, Gemini!


Cancer: There is so much energy in you, today. Go forth and accomplish all you have decided to. Or make that bang of a start you have been working on. It’s a day of forward movement!


Leo: Can you stand still for a bit Leo? It is a great idea to just stop going forward for today. It is a day where you need to take stock of the situation, not push.


Virgo: Balance is your best friend today. No extremes. You are grounded but be aware of going underground. You have to stay afloat and reach higher. It’s not going to be very difficult for you, Virgo.


Libra: You are suddenly in the middle of so much. You are doing things that you do not need to do and it seems to make life a little difficult. Just look after your own space.


Scorpio: Look around you, there is something approaching. It’s fresh and it’s active and energetic. It’s a blessing for you. Stop being so closed and bored of everything. Wake up and smell the NEW, darling Scorpio!


Sagittarius: Criticism is not all a bad thing. It’s just feedback given in a harshly. If you don’t enjoy it, just take the message from it. And if you are at the giving end, don’t hurt.


Capricorn: The high expectations do seem to be showing results. It’s awesome and it’s a time for you to celebrate and also know that it only gets better now. Can you be a little patient, Capricorn?


Aquarius: If there is a heavy feeling in your heart about anything, today is the day to release it. Talk it through, write it down, anything that works for you. You are loved and supported, Aquarius.


Pisces: It’s a day of ultimate abundance for you. You also seem pregnant. Not always a baby, could also be work or other ideas. Whatever you start doing today will be successful for you, beloved Pisces.


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