Horoscope Of The Day (20/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Integrate all that has happened through the week. It’s like a release too. So let go of all that you have collected, start afresh, again! Much like a snake that sheds its skin! Refresh now!


Taurus: Take it easy today. All the intensity from the past two days needs to be grounded. Check on your breathing. Use it as a tool to relax and de-stress. Time to have a day off!


Gemini: Express yourself truthfully. This is not the time to sugar coat your words. Communicating honestly and effectively is what will get you where you really want to be and do what you want to do.


Cancer: The gentleness in you is so beautiful. The maternal side of your being is called into action. For who it is working is something you have to decide. Heal and change things, all around, today.


Leo: People that have passed on or gone away from your life send you their love. If you think there is bad blood, revisit them and you will be pleasantly surprised. Give yourself a chance, today!


Virgo: After the peace and quiet, there is a surge in the creative energy you are feeling. So today is the day to flex the creativity muscles and allow all the change to come in, Virgo!


Libra: Go out today, Libra. Have a day of fun and silliness. Be light hearted and bright today. It’s a day to play and believe with wide eyed wonder again! Let the child in you re-surface.


Scorpio: You are a passionate persona and everyone knows that. It is also the one quality you can fall back on when you have nothing else and you have to survive. Exercise your Passion, today, Scorpio!


Sagittarius: Things can change if you allow it, today. You can break out of what has been holding you down. The quality of this change will be magickal. Will you stay aware all of today, Sagittarius?


Capricorn: The emphasis is on the basics today. We often seem to get carried away with all that is advanced and fancy, forgetting the very roots. Go back and revise the very foundations in YOU, today.


Aquarius: Creativity is at a high today. You are confident in your being able to make something out of nothing. The nudge is to DO IT. Don’t back out from this chance to show your ability!


Pisces: Stop being rigid now Pisces. Learn to be flexible and adaptable with the surroundings and everyone around you. You are a strong individual, just become aware of how to express it in the best way.


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