Horoscope Of The Day (14/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Want some time for yourself? Take it. Get out as soon as you can though. Solitude is not usually your strong space. You have the energy to break out to whatever it is! Do it!


Taurus: What have you taken on for no reason at all? Drop it beloved, Taurus. You have enough of your own to work through. Are you trying to escape the self? Not the best idea today!


Gemini: Time to slow down, Gemini! Look around you and appreciate the things that catch your attention. Today, there is not point hurrying up. It’s time to set your own pace and walk at it too.


Cancer: Knowing too much can be a pain sometimes. Though you have the power of choice, you may forget to exercise it. Do and carry only that which belongs to YOU! Others can carry their own.


Leo: You are called upon to be patient! Think you can manage? Everything is happening at the right time and you already know it. Just hold on to your horses today. Don’t make rash decisions.


Virgo: Togetherness is a beautiful emotion. It is supportive. Today is a chance to be helpful and also be open to the help someone is giving you. It’s a day to lean into someone who cares.


Libra: You are called upon to be patient. Everything is happening at its own pace and you interfering will change nothing for the better. The fruit needs time to ripen and the Moon to become full.


Scorpio: After this stressful week, today, you seem to have a change in perspective. MATURITY seems to have descended. You cannot fight things and try to make them go your way. It’s all a natural progression.


Sagittarius: How much will you be able to control? Or is it that you need to be in control? What side of control are you running from and what said are you running towards? How long?


Capricorn: Today is a day of deep inner silence for you. Your mind at rest, you heart content; you are at peace. Thoughts will naturally come and go, allow them. Watch them as an observer, Silently!


Aquarius: Time to look within you. Everything you need is here and now you have to go deeper to learn the magick of connection. To connect all the dots, go into yourself. Have a pleasant trip!


Pisces: Today, you will come to a realization that will bring you loads of peace. Just center into that feeling and stay there. It’s a day to recuperate for your soul. No more planning today, Pisces!

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