Horoscope Of The Day (13/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You are ready! Take that leap and don’t be shy! You have worked to get here for a while and you are here finally! The time is perfect, the answer is YES! Go For it!


Taurus: Everything is fresh and new again! The new vision you have is almost like a rebirth. It’s all in your control from here on. But it not the end, there is more scope for you too.


Gemini: There is guidance coming to you from a very reliable source today. Trust it and make sure you are listening for it. It may not come the way you expect it to, so be aware!


Cancer: As a sensitive person you are opening to more areas of life that you have not explored before. Don’t shy away or get intimidated. It’s just your mind and VISION expanding! You deserve this growth!


Leo: You have enough resource. Now is the time to share and help others. Be conscious who you share with and what your intention is behind the sharing. Selflessness is a good one to have, Leo!


Virgo: Today is the day you have a Breakthrough! It’s a beautiful time to drop the old completely and come into the new, fully! It’s the last bit of hard work. I promise it gets easier.


Libra: Memories are a beautiful tool of remembering the past. But if they start pulling you down and not let you move forward, they can be trouble. Set yourself free from them, today! Now… new energy!


Scorpio: Why is everything so stressful? Become comfortable in the moment and life there. The past and the future are not the best places to hang out, right around now! Can you move out of them?


Sagittarius: Postponing things will not solve anything. May be you have to actually get rid of all that you have to do. That will bring you peace and joy. Yes, it’s scary… But, get it done!


Capricorn: There is so much more to explore and achieve. Don’t get all complacent with all your achievements! You have done so well, keep at it and you will come to spaces you never imagined existed!


Aquarius: There is abundance everywhere. Just look around you, beloved Aquarius. The magick of the fullness you are experiencing, now, is long due. Now sit back and enjoy the gifts the Universe is sending for you!


Pisces: You are called upon to share of yourself and of your knowledge. Even material possessions can be shared and that will decrease the need to hold on to things, unnecessarily. Give and receive equally, Pisces!

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