Horoscope Of The Day(11/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today you have opened up to being very receptive. A lot of healing comes for you. Just go with the flow and know that it is guiding you to JUST where you need to be!


Taurus: There is unity and there is diversity and it all exists together. Best part, you don’t have to pick. Take it as a whole, you will find a new way to look at everything, today!


Gemini: What you are dreaming about is not very far. Maybe your mind is creating this illusion. Take a moment to correct it everything it does that. It will get closer faster than you can imagine.


Cancer: Your emotions can be an issue sometimes. Are they stopping you from moving forward? Make sure your flow is not restricted by the moments in your past that you held dear then! Think of NOW!


Leo: If wishes were horses beggars would ride. But they are not trained to think like that. Are you being a beggar with your manifestation today? Is it all blocks or is there an opening somewhere?


Virgo: Everyone wants to be special. It is in being yourself, Ordinary, really you, you become the most special. Only you have your character and abilities. Can you see the Power in that? Show yourself, Virgo!


Libra: Drop anything that does not serve you today. Let it not be such a big deal. It had to eventually go and now it is finally making its way out. Step out of the way.


Scorpio: The situation is very deep rooted in your being. It is not going to be easy to erase for shadows of it will keep coming back. Best way… just thank it for the service provided.


Sagittarius: Time to look at everything afresh. It’s all so beautiful as your mind sees new ways of being alive. There has been a super growth spurt from you. Now just enjoy it!


Capricorn: It’s all within you. There is so much energy waiting for you to tap into it. The new beginnings that are coming your way are offering you the opportunity to reach this Source within you.


Aquarius: There is silence. There is actually nothing that needs to be done and nothing that need not be done. Come to a space of balance that will brings you to ground zero. Finally, take flight!


Pisces: Set out on an adventure within you. You may also travel outside. But the key to have a successful one this time is being childlike and awestruck. Just go ahead without much expectation today, Pisces.


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