Horoscope Of The Day (10/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: If there is pain and discomfort, let it not pull you down. Make sure you use it as a teacher to see what changes you can make for yourself. This is a shiny golden opportunity.


Taurus: The voice within is gradually turning to silence! Sometimes to listen to the silence or remain in silence is the best answer. Spend some time with your self today. Listen In and you will triumph!


Gemini: It looks like you are a little exhausted. Take today to find the time to rest and recuperate. Body and mind need a break this day, Gemini, stop running them to a burn out already!


Cancer: Look around you, Cancer. What is catching your attention? Have you been noticing the same thing again and again? Time to change the way your mind is conditioned. Start thinking different to see differently, immediately!


Leo: Why are you going into your cave? I know its that kind of a day where you want to be by yourself and blur everyone and everything else out. Take a while then. Return Soon


Virgo: How many options do you have right now? Are you checking the pros and cons or are you just plain cold and judgmental? See how you are dealing with things right now. Be aware, Virgo.


Libra: You have a kind of childlike innocence to you today. Be wide eyed and awestruck. There is so much if you just live life to the fullest. It is the day to experience this wonder.


Scorpio: What are you fighting with beloved Scorpio? The internal tiff may start manifesting on the outside and it could be an unpleasant energy. Resolve the defense and drop the offence! You don’t need this energy!


Sagittarius: Today is the day where you see things differently. With yesterday behind you, it will be an awesome day of newness and forward movement. Just relax and have some fun. Stretch your body, completely, today.


Capricorn: You have reached a level of Mastery, within yourself, and you know it. Today is a great day to allow yourself to acknowledge it and share it further. People are waiting for it to happen.


Aquarius: The degree of intensity in your life today seems to be reaching another level altogether. It is GREAT! Get thing done in this phase. Just be aware of how it’s affecting you and everyone around.


Pisces: You have come to a space where your ability to understand has increased. Now pay attention to the new openings of this space and leave the notions of the past back. It’s a great beginning.

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