Horoscope Of The Day (7/1/18)


By : Pushtiie

Aries: ACTION… finally! Get into the game Aries and start the active part of your year. You have the ideas and the plans all set… NOW its execution time. DO what your best at doing… ENERGIZING!  


Taurus: Party time again today! Go out with the closest Girlfriends/Bros. Have some of that “typical” time you have been longing for. It’s still a celebration. The new incoming is confirmed. Time to drink to that!


Gemini: Just because someone does not like something you shared does not mean it’s not worth it. Either make alterations or just stick to what you have thought of. It’s YOUR baby, not theirs. Stand Firm!


Cancer: You are suddenly so caught up and bored with everything on your plate. Take a chance, drop it, look around. Is it possible something new is on its way to you but you don’t see?


Leo: Grub, Grog and Green, beloved! Have a great time and know that your financial position is getting better today. Be open to reviving abundance on every level, possible. Taking rest is the perfect activity today!


Virgo: Tired of all the high strung drama? Take a vacation already! Step out of the place for a day and come back charged. Spend some time with the land, in nature. Do you like pets?


Libra: Emotions are under control and you are in charge. It’s a new beginning to this phase of life and you are going to rock it. When it overflows… ALLOW IT! Will reach the right spaces.


Scorpio: Time to take the rest you need. Your body is looking for recuperation. The mind needs a break too. STOP doing most of what you are doing and take some time out. Stay well!


Sagittarius: If you give you will get a lot in return. Just make sure your motive to give is not selfish. You already have enough. Sharing will only multiply its essence, not take anything away really.


Capricorn: Off on your next adventure? Have a great time. Yes you love flirting with danger. But it’s called that for a reason. Saying this to caution you... not stop you. Have fun, take company too. ☺


Aquarius: Big decisions to make today? Chill and follow the heart. Allow it to rule the mind and you will have the best answer possible. Love what it brings, you will never suffer a decision again!


Pisces: Too much running around and exhaustion. Time to rest, sit down and chart the next move. If you try it on the move… you will topple and waste valuable resources. Give yourself some time off?

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