Horoscope Of The Day (6/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Balance has been achieved and you have survived the first week of this New Year! Celebrate this today. The surroundings are also encouraging you to. Make a wish today, it has the chances of manifesting.


Taurus: STOP your brain RIGHT NOW! All this thinking is not going to change anything till you LOOK and undo your self-imposed limitations. You are free and it’s time to realize it. Just look around you!


Gemini: Hatch your plans, today, and make sure to share them with your closest ones. The ones you trust will help with honest and clear feedback. Don’t allow your ego to come in the way, today!


Cancer: Time to celebrate yourself, your friends and your dear ones. There could be a house change, a pregnancy, a new project, an engagement, anything! It could be anything that says… It’s finally becoming SERIOUS NOW!


Leo: You have what it takes to do what you want. Sometimes, you seem to forget, momentarily! Today may be that moment. Come back to your power. Be aware of how much and how you use.


Virgo: Keep the balance going. Make sure you do not place all your eggs in one basket. Divide the resources well and create alternative setups for their growth. Juggling is not a good sport. Think long-term.


Libra: Time to make some simple and realistic plans. Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons. See every possible angle to the plan and then confirm it. Impulse may not the best option here.


Scorpio: Ready for some action? Don’t let anything stop you. You have everything you need to get you through this situation and more. Just weave your magick thru it, responsibly. Remember you have extra resources too.


Sagittarius: Spend time with the loved ones. Take them out for a meal or surprise them with some gently creative gesture. Make it a memorable one… one that they will remember! You owe yourself this pleasure!


Capricorn: You don’t know how, but you know things. It is a space everyone touches once in a while. All your speculations work and efforts bloom. You almost seem to have a magick about you today!


Aquarius: Are you being tempted to grab at the easiest and most lucrative opportunity, right away? Wait a moment and make sure you have done your research completely, please. Today can invite trouble. Be Careful, Aquarius!


Pisces: Everything is crumbling and breaking around you and you have no idea why. Look… within and without. Make sure you are not the one causing all this crumbling, even unknowingly. If you are… CHANGE IT!


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