Horoscope Of The Day (28/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Be in touch with your inner child. We are living in a world where people are being driven to insanity and forcing them to judge others on the basis of mere opinions. You don’t have to slip into those phase, rather stay away and retain your innocence as your biggest strength.


TAURUS: You’re in this world for a purpose, find your inner calling. There is no rule written that you’ve to live according to the societal norm, Choose a field as a career where you find utmost happiness and strength from. Step out of your comfort zone and start growing.


GEMINI: Promote your work with all the resources at your disposal. What’s the use of being so talented if there is no one to back you and invest in you. Consult someone who you feel can contribute in helping you reach people at large scale.


CANCER: There will be obstacles, you may encounter people who will find faults in you, make severe attempts to pull you down, never acknowledge you but then that’s where your perseverance comes into the picture, keep on going, do what you must do. You will reap benefits at the right time.


LEO: Sow the seeds of your ambition. Nurture it with affection, positivity, work on it practically with a strong belief that you’ve already manifested your ambition and living it. Cutting long things short, fake it till you make it. That should be your motto.


VIRGO: When you’re about to make some significant plans pertaining to money, be sure to engage with friends who’ve a strong knowledge on finances. Seek their suggestion, evaluate all the pros and cons so that you can live a hassle-free life without getting too anxious.


LIBRA: Competition is great but if it is done in a healthy way then friendships and relationships can be maintained with a lot of grace and maturity. However, if there is any iota of jealousy or the intention to spoil the efforts put on by someone else, then it is surely a recipe for disaster.


SCORPION: Cultivate the practice of having an attitude of gratitude because when you’re grateful for every good things that happens, you tend to attract more of that in your life. At the same time, if you come across challenges, be grateful toward it as well because it teaches you some important lessons.


SAGITTARIUS: You might need to be careful while executing a new project. The concept to act first and think later will not work here. Be mindful of the possible consequences, assess the merits and demerits and then go further. Being passionate is a great trait but sensibility shouldn’t get lost in translation.


CAPRICORN: Family is your greatest asset, and you will do anything – like every emotionally sound human being – to make sure they’re happy. Help your parents and spouse in managing home, spend time with your children so that connection never fades. Strengthen the bond as much as you can.


AQUARIUS: If you’re planning to take sabbatical from your career to take up responsibility at home (men or women) then you’re being encouraged to do so. Sometimes it is wise to withdraw from the madness workaholic life gives to reflect upon your life and restart with vitality.


PISCES: Being a rebellion without a cause at the wrong time can prove to be misfire. As for now, you’re being advised to follow rules in order to be organized and gain methodical approach while dealing with highly vulnerable situations in both professional and personal life.

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