Horoscope Of The Day (25/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: You need to navigate your path using your brain and mind together. Be passionate but at the same time take efforts to chart a plan and ensure it is well-researched.


TAURUS: There is a possibility that you might not be willing to step outside of victim zone. Bad experiences do happen, but you have to stop clinging to it. Past cannot be undone however how you create your future is totally on your hands.


GEMINI: Why not spend your life with luxury? You’ve been able to generate good amount of wealth but it seems you’re busy saving them, while not spending it. Don’t be lavish but limiting yourself to comfort is also not a good way to lead a life. Loosen up a bit and do some shopping.


CANCER: Have you been suffering from backache? Or having problem in mobilizing your body? If yes, there is a strong indication of lack of rest. And since backache is little more serious, it would be wise to consult a medical expert or seek alternative therapy to reduce the pain naturally.


LEO: Stop procrastinating, start working on yourself, get healthy, find a job you would love doing and offers you good amount of money. When you respect yourself, people around you also begin to respect you.


VIRGO: Have you been experiencing blocks in your body? For instances inability to express yourself, you feel a bit weighed down by circumstances. If you’re unable to do verbally, don’t worry. Take time to acknowledge the emotions, once you internalize it, then speak up.


LIBRA: Heart-break, no matter how badly we feel about it, is the part and parcel of your life. It is very natural and humane to feel heartless but then when was life anyway an easy path in the first place? Use this experience as a ladder to move forward.


SCORPION: In this age of materialistic life, we often lose touch with our inner being. I guess you’ve been feeling a bit uprooted for the past many years and now you want to be grounded. Great ! half battle is won. Now be your own guru and begin your life with an intent to transform it.


SAGITTARIUS: Without hope, this world can never survive. There is insanity everywhere driving you crazy but still you’re able to manage to live with peace because you have never given up and continue to hope. It’s a beautiful quality you should maintain it throughout.


CAPRICORN: You’re being advised to shift to a new place to live, not immediately obviously, but after looking into the matter from the bird eye view. Let the process be organic and hassle-free.


AQUARIUS: Self-confidence is the most attractive trait of your personality however It seems you’re not in your element of late, and fear has hijacked your mind. Recognize the root cause and find what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals with confidence, you surely will get your answers.


PISCES: Break the pattern of addiction that is toxic to you. While alcohol, drug addictions are surely in the list, but let me remind you, negative self-talk and self-loathing attitude has a major impact in your life so when you are getting too harsh on yourself, immediately retrain your mind to self-appreciation.

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