Horoscope Of The Day (24/12/2017)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Do everything in moderation – be it food, using gadgets or internet. Anything in excess is toxic and will not prove beneficial to you in anyways. So better have a clarity about what you’re doing.


TAURUS: Be free to meet people, make friends, establish connection and increase your social circle. If you’re fearing that by doing so, you might lose in touch with your old friends then remove all these baseless fears. All you need to do is balance.


GEMINI: You’ve already step out of your comfort zone and willing to take charge of your life. Now, the next step is to create long time goals with broader vision. Write down how exactly are you going to move forward, once you start jotting it down, ideas will easily flow to you.


CANCER: You’re not alone, you are surrounded by people who care for you and would do anything to ensure you feel comfortable enough enabling you to express what’s bothering you. Call or message them to meet you up, that’s all. Give it a chance.


LEO: Once you achieve success, it is easy to let it get into your head which deprives you of humility. Stay grounded no matter what. Use your success as a stepping stone towards reaching your goal while retaining your essence.


VIRGO: You are advised to monitor your savings, get your documents related to bank updated. Understand your economics properly and then figure out how to make your expenses more cost effective.


LIBRA: You’ve the ability to tame aggression with your compassionate communication. If you encounter your loved ones getting anxious and unable to control their temper, stand by them, comfort them and most importantly listen to them so that they don’t hold anger within.


SCORPION: If there is no scope for reconciliation or the damage is beyond repair then you must leave no matter how attached you might be to that person. Put your self-respect above everything and move on. However, also make sure you end the bond with an amicable note wishing best for each other.


SAGITTARIUS: Cupid is about to strike. Yes, there is a strong chance for a romance to bloom. If you like someone and willing to share your feelings, take a bouquet, set a time to meet and then say what you’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. At least you can console yourself that you tried.


CAPRICORN: Your family is missing your presence and they want you to be there for them. Perhaps due to extremely busy schedule, you haven’t been communicating with them much. If you sense this, don’t shy away from taking a break from your desktop and meet them.


AQUARIUS: Celebration is on the cards. Engagement, marriage, baby shower, house warming or even a simple get-together at home might soon knock the door. Loosen up a bit, let your hair down and just enjoy any wonderful events that comes your way. Ditch your diet chart for it once.


PISCES: It seems you’ve been brought up with a radical views on money. I am certain you’ve come across statements like money is the root cause of all evil. I must say, cut the crap. Earning money is the need and even if it is a luxury, you have the right to own it.


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