Horoscope Of The Day (23/12/2017)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: When you find yourself fixed in situation where you've to choose between favoritism and truth, choose the latter any day. Having a balanced perspective and being impartial is the solution to the problem you are in.


TAURUS: Motherhood is apparent either for you or for someone you closely know might receive the news of pregnancy. It is also encouraging you to get in touch with your maternal instinct by spending some quality time with children.


GEMINI: Being a one-man army is fine when situation demands however when you're part of a team, the process becomes more exciting, adventurous and productive. Shed your introvert nature and try to get along with like-minded people, the least it would do is increase your self-confidence.


CANCER: Are you contemplating to learn spiritual modalities like yoga, energy healing? It's definitely a great idea, since it increases your vibration level when consistently practiced on regular basis. Find a guru/mentor who would happy guide to reach this space.


LEO: Start the attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for those wonderful moments that brought smile on your smile, be grateful for those not-so-good experiences because they teach you to look at life from a different and much-needed point of view. Count your blessing, you end up attracting more and more good experiences.


VIRGO: Prevention is better than cure. At the moment, a lot of people are falling sick and most possibly you must've seen people around you ill. It's a red flag for you to take utmost care. Avoid eating outside snacks, hydrate yourself, stick to home-made food and be safe.


LIBRA: In the world filled with people who have nothing better to do other than spewing hatred, cultivating the habit of being compassionate is a rarity and you've it to be one. Maintain distance from situation and people who do not allow to you find happiness within and outside of you.


SCORPION: Be mindful of what you ask for. For instance if you like someone specific romantically but for some reason either he isn't attracted to you or already committed to someone else, it is wise to not wish for them because it may interfere with their free will.


SAGITTARIUS: You're finally reached at that point of time where you are absolutely content with life, Things have fallen into place the way you wanted to. Therefore continue to live with enthusiasm like you always been.


CAPRICORN: Opportunities are reaching out to you and it is extremely promising that would be beneficial however it is upon you how you take it further and channelize your energy.


AQUARIUS:  You are someone is down-to-earth, grounded yet very fierce and aggressive when situation demands you to be. This is exactly what you need to keep a tab on more often. Not only will you save yourself from being taken for a ride but also help you be approachable.


PISCES: You've already sown the seeds of abundance, you've nurtured it by visualizing it, having complete faith in it, besides that worked hard on it. All you need do it simply witness the magick when it manifest into reality. Keep on going and don't stop. 

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