Horoscope Of The Day (21/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Have you fought with your friends over disagreements or worse, indulged into physical fight? Are you having remorse for it? If yes, then take time out to sort it out by meeting them and make peace over a cup of coffee.


TAURUS: If you’ve excess of money and pretty much have no idea what to do with? Why not use it for a good purpose? If there is someone who you want to lend money for support, please go ahead and help them.


GEMINI: How are you supposed to expect new people to enter your life if you’ve drawn the line of distrust around you. It is okay to get anxious esp. when previous relationship or friendship failed big time but there comes a time when you must let go off past to make space for now, mustn’t it?


CANCER: It’s great time and occasion to begin a new venture – be it new job, life as an entrepreneur or even studies (if you’re a student and have been tad lazy to even open a book). Stimulate your grey cells is the message for you.


LEO: Enthusiasm, along with a careful planning is the key for success. Whenever you make a decision that too life-defining one, take both – pros and cons – into consideration and then finalize it.


VIRGO: It seems you want to venture into music world. Not necessarily singing, but can also consist of writing lyrics, collaborating with a band that promises to offer novelty in music. Either ways, try and find your voice.


LIBRA: Dogs or canine (depends on how you perceive it) are gentle beings who unconditionally love humans. If you a dog or have struck chords with stray dogs whom you often comes across, you’re being advised to spend more time with them and increase your empathy trait.


SCORPION: Transformation is like the shedding of skin in snakes where new skin arrives when the old one is shed. Similarly, in order to start a new chapter, you will have to bid farewell to the old life as it is over and needs to end.


SAGITTARIUS: It seems you worry a lot of people’s opinion and rarely focus on your thoughts. People pleasing is the most unhealthy habit we’ve been brought up with. Retrain your mind, own your life, take charge of it and live your life with authenticity.


CAPRICORN: Getting angry is the most natural emotion and even healthy. However when it is unexpressed, it stagnates within creating resentment which only affects the person who harbors it. Find creative ways to channelize it and free yourself.


AQUARIUS: Manifestation is not a magic pill where wishes transforms into reality immediately. You need to be patient, work hard on it, visualize it and behave as if you’ve already created what you wanted. That’s the key – Fake it till you make it.


PISCES: There is possibility that you may have a minor fight between you and family members over some trivial issues, making a mountain out of a mole hill. You’re someone who gets easily provoked, move from the trigger point until situation is under control.

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