Horoscope Of The Day (20/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Every person has a past they aren’t fond of, so it is natural to get overwhelmed every-time you remember it. Now, it’s time for you rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Try to make peace with it through emotional guidance and emerge victorious.


TAURUS: Certain situations asks you to choose either heart i.e emotions or mind i.e intellectual ability. You’re being urged to carry both along to assess your life and the decisions pertaining to career. Be careful about the next step you’re about to take.


GEMINI: What is it that is making you angry? Who is provoking you to such an extent that you loose temper? If you’ve identified the source, either confront it or if you feel it’s a waste of time energy to do that, then simply walk away from trigger points.


CANCER: Being surrounded by animals can calm your mind and make you joyful. If you’ve a pet at home, dedicate more time taking care of them and fulfilling their emotional needs. Even feeding foods to stray animals will fill your mind with bliss.


LEO: It’s a party time. Celebrate your professional and personal achievements with glee, invite your loved ones who matters to you more, indulge in some healthy yet tasty food and some self-pampering. You certainly deserve all the love and success


VIRGO: You’re someone who is wise and mature beyond your age, it’s a gift you should be grateful for. If there are people around you who are suffering from anxiety or depression and often gets petrified over trivial issues, you can tame their overwhelming nature and help them balance their mind.


LIBRA: I strongly feel you’ve a persona that is exuberantly extrovert, can easily draw people’s attention towards you, basically you’ve a great social life. You’re being encouraged to maintain this quality always and if you’ve been introvert, away from your true self, now is the time for some make over.


SCORPION: Have you been ill or not been at the best of health off late? If yes, then you shall soon recuperate and get back to normal. For the rest, just take good care of your health. Take proper preventions, avoid unhealthy food, reduce stress and be more happier.


SAGITTARIUS: You’re talented, hard-working, and have the potential to make it big. However what you might be lacking as of now is the reach. Promote your work, you’ve all the resources at your disposal that will help you attract people who will show interest in your work.


CAPRICORN: Either you or someone else in your family or friend circle might receive prospects for matrimony. While it seems good, ultimately it is upon you or the other person to decide since marriage is a huge responsibility. Go for it when you’re truly ready to take the plunge.


AQUARIUS: If you constantly worry so much about how people with vested interest will misinterpret your carefully crafted words, then you will never be able to express yourself at all. Speak your truth with unabashedly and unapologetically.


PISCES: Being in touch with your feminine side, be it a man or a woman, allows one to be nurturing, loving and compassionate. It is these traits that helps you to be grounded and elicit empathy within you. Not saying that masculinity is bad, NO ! it is as divine as feminine. Just ensure you are in sync with both the elements. 

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