Horoscope Of The Day (17/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Don’t take disagreement too seriously, it’s just an opinion that is not similar to yours. Avoid taking it too personally because at the end of the day, relationship and friendship matters the most and not the opinion that has a short span life.


TAURUS: You might be approached by someone – either friend or a relative- who would want to borrow some money from you. Be compassionate and with full trust, lend it. You can be assured that he/she will repay you back when they’re ready.


GEMINI: There is difference between sadness and depression. Sadness can be overcome when something good happens to brighten your mind; depression, on the other hand, is a phase where one feels low irrespective of the situation. Seek medical help if you fall into latter.


CANCER: You’ve sown the seed of your creative idea with an intent to see it grow. Now it’s upon you to nurture it with all your infectious enthusiasm and hard work.


LEO: You’ve finally achieved the success you’ve been longing for, it’s been an excruciatingly tough time yet it never affected you one bit. Indulge in some pampering, cherish the moment and soon get back to write a new chapter.


VIRGO: Have you ever committed mistakes in the past but could never apologize for it? If you are repenting, half battle is won. Now you’ve to just reach out those whom you might’ve hurt.


LIBRA: It seems you’re finally ready to give matrimony a chance and unlike others you’re someone who is willing to give arrange marriage a chance. There will be prospect for you, hence understand the qualities you are seeking in your partner.


SCORPION: Establish connect with family esp. members who are old. In these busy times, they’re often left out and ignored. Start communicating with them and spend time so that they never feel lonely.


SAGITTARIUS: Animals radiates pure and unconditional love. When you spend time with them, they releases a lot of stress and brings smile on your face, making you forget all the woes in your life. Be it pet or stray animals, experiences always remains beautiful.


CAPRICORN: Time to let your hair down and enjoy the social life. Meet new people, strike an interesting conversation, go for a date, have some sumptuous dinner. Once in a while being carefree is a basic right everyone deserves.


AQUARIUS: You’re being asked to use all the resources at your disposal that will help you culminate your plan to conclusions very fast and hassle-free. Therefore don’t procrastinate and take things lightly.


PISCES: When new people enter our life, we often begin to give our old and beloved ones less importance. It seems you’ve also come to a position like this. Strike a balance between both the world and ensure you never leave them when they need you the most.

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