Horoscope Of The Day (15/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: You seem to be a people’s person where you enjoy other’s company, pro-actively coordinate with them to work on their goals as well as motivate yourself to do the best for yourself. It is a rare quality seen in today’s time. Be who you are, and don’t let anything dim your inner light.


TAURUS: Have you been impatient off late? Have you been unwilling to take a decision from the space of patience and rationality? If yes, then you’re being advised to hold your horses and listen and understand the situation properly before jumping to any conclusion.


GEMINI: I sense you are in need of a mentor or a Guru who can help you get back to the right track esp from spiritual awareness perspective. While there is absolutely no harm in searching for one, but before you do, ask yourself, “Am I truly ready to embark this journey of change?”


CANCER: Soon an opportunity will be presented to you that will offer promises to enhances the growth curve and bless you with immense benefits. So take note of the hint of the opportunity and when you grab it, make the most out of it.


LEO: The phase of indecisiveness is a blessing in disguise as it is a space where you can reflect upon your plans and figure out if there is any changes that needs to be made before you take a final call. It’s always better late than be sorry about the consequences that might surface.


VIRGO: Reunion time. There is a chance you might run into your old friends from your school or college time after ages. Relive all those memories and if there is any feelings you’ve had kept it yourself all these years, reveal it over a cup of coffee or glass of beer.


LIBRA: Creative ideas never reaches an exhausted mind. Workload and domestic chores are fine, but it’s upon you to take care of yourself and maybe your inability to curate ideas has got a lot to do with your fatigue. Rest when you’ve a holiday and meditate, you may start receiving it gradually.


SCORPION: Insanity is everywhere, people are going nuts over petty issues and making a mountain out of a mole hill. However, you don’t have to add more madness into this mess, rather you can change your thinking pattern and be the change you want to see around.


SAGITTARIUS: Nothing is more important than your self-respect. If there are people who’ve been taking you granted, always undervalued you and never treated you well, it’s better to let them leave you amicably, so that you can create a space for new people to enter your life.


CAPRICORN: Discard the excess baggage from your home – clean your home not only physically but also energetically. Donate books and clothes that are of no use to you, so that it can reach to people for whom it might be of great importance.


AQUARIUS: You may come across an opportunity to work for community projects – it can be about human rights, health-care awareness that will not only give you reality check but also help you develop empathy for others.


PISCES: Following some rules and regulation once in a while is not at all a bad idea. In fact you’ll be more wise, organized in your approach and be able to master life skills. Not everything has to be about being a rebel.

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