Horoscope Of The Day (14/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Despite your best and honest efforts, you might end up being unsuccessful in some task. It's pretty nerve wrecking to be honest. However if you let the failure disillusion your mind, your attempts to achieve success might get hamper. Alter your perspective and learn the lessons out of it.


TAURUS: Have you been down by luck? If yes, then the tables are about to turn. The crisis you were struggling with will soon come to an end and soon you will find yourself in a happier and peaceful space. Nothing is permanent, neither happiness nor sadness.


GEMINI: Every human being in this world has the right to financial abundance, so do you provided you work hard for it, if not struggle. Avoid procrastination, be sincere towards your work and have a positive attitude towards money.


CANCER: You're being reminded that you're supported completely in the new venture you're about to start in your professional life, there are resources at your disposal. So without wasting much time, begin your journey. Universe has your back.


LEO: Living as a victim for prolonged period of time provides comfort but not growth whereas moving out of it is an uncomfortable process yet transformational. It is upon you whether to be bitter or get better.


VIRGO: It is imperative that you be very clear about the priorities in your life, don't let anything distract you from following it. Learn to manage your time so that you don't end up juggling between professional and personal life at the same time.


LIBRA: In the age of insanity we live in where we tend to judge others constantly for trivial reasons, perceiving life from a child's eye can be refreshing. Reawaken your inner child, get in touch with it, feel good about yourself, and find good qualities in others so that interaction never stops.


SCORPION: In order to attain success, you might have to consider mastering some skills that will not only add more weightage to your resume but also benefit with amazing employment opportunities.


SAGITTARIUS: Idle mind is a devil's workshop. When you're sitting idle with nothing productive to offer, you get distracted easily, even forcing you to think extremely negative. Preoccupy your mind with daily chore, invest your time in hobbies you're passionate about.


CAPRICORN: Look at life differently, it is not as bad as you're being made to believe. Reduce your TV consumption, unfollow people and pages in your social media accounts that doesn't serve any purpose to your belief. Spend more time out, communicate with people, be grounded and then will you realize everything is fine.


AQUARIUS: Time you retrain your mind, unlearn all the self-limiting belief you were fed while growing up, cultivate the habit of self-appreciation and honor yourself for who you are and not for being who you are expected to be.


PISCES: Happiness is an inside job, so stop searching it outside and find it within you. If you are finding it difficult to accept your child for their personality which is often deemed different to societal norm, strike a conversation, try to empathize with them as much as they would try to understand you. You might get hurt now but when you look back in the future, you'll only feel proud of the decision you took.