Horoscope Of The Day (12/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Creative urges on high and you're being encouraged to chart out your plan and manifest into reality with sheer dedication and enthusiasm. You may receive a lot of support from someone who'll help you assess your work.



TAURUS: Have you fallen in love with someone or did anyone made a proposal? Either ways, it's your chance to experience romance to a whole new level. Take it slow, let the feelings come up organically so that it doesn't look forced or superficial. Once you get ready, take the plunge.



GEMINI: It seems you've been anxious about certain situations that have made your overwhelmed, mostly from an emotional point of view. You're being gently reminded to stick to it and not to give up because there is always a silver lining behind every dark clouds.



CANCER: Move out of your chair, warm up, stretch your body, drink a full glass of water and begin to explore life outside your office more often than ever. Being too workaholic has its own demerits too where you can get drifted away from life's minute yet delicate moments.



LEO: Are you getting an urge to pursue education after a long gap. to learn a new skill? If yes, then you're being encouraged to  follow your instinct. You're never too late to learn, master it and be the best in what you love doing.



VIRGO: If you've financially supported your friends or colleagues and forgot it for the sake of friendship, they may reach out to repay you back. Chances of receiving good amount of money from an unexpected sources is possible, be willing to receive it with a lot of love and gratitude.



LIBRA: There is an indication that either you're having recurring headaches or potentially might get due to exhaustion. Take good care of your health, spend some time in nature and if possible, you can take a day off or leave your workplace to rest.



SCORPION: You've been blessed with an amazing life, the people around you are not only co-operative but also very lovable who care for you. But I sense that you do end up taking them for granted, not able to value them the way you're supposed to? Does it have anything to do with your past experiences you're nursing till now? Time to reflect your thoughts upon it.



SAGITTARIUS: There is dysfunctionality in every household in this world, families quarrels and at the same time make peace with it once they get into a space of clarity. Therefore, instead of storming out at everyone, simply try to figure out the root cause and uproot it.


CAPRICORN: You're spoiled with choices and all of them appear very tempting from the surface level, however it's completely upon you to use your wisdom and examine the choices that has to be made. Be doubly-sure before you set your eyes on it.

AQUARIUS: When it comes to financial matters, keep a tab on your accounts, update your personal saving books. If you've a plan to invest your money in real estate, get in touch with a friend or a colleague with a sound finance knowledge who can suggest some expert advise.


PISCES: You can be invited for a reunion party with school or college friends, ex-flame can turn up to meet you personally or online, or you can even get a chance to spend some quality time with your relatives whom you haven't  seen for days or months. Nice opportunity to relive the old memories.