By: StarzSpeak Desk

Long distance relationships are hard, really hard. All the waiting and talking on the phone. Fights are worse too since you can’t immediately meet and make up. But ask anyone who is in an LDR and they’ll say it’s all worth it because once you meet after months of not seeing each other, nothing else matters. You are on cloud 9 and no one can get you down. For all the times you’re away, why not make every moment special? Gifts are a way of showing you care and love one another and what better way to make your partner’s day than to surprise them with a gift. Here are some ideas that will definitely make his/her day.

  1. Box of notes- Get a pretty box and fill it with small notes on why you love them and why they are the best thing in your life. Make them feel special on a busy day at work.

  2. Countdown candy- This one doesn’t need a lot of work. Have you sometime before you lay eyes on each other again? Make the wait sweet! Get a jar, fill them with the exact number of chocolates as the days left and eat one for every passing day. Finishing candy has never been so exciting!

  3. Flower power- Don’t underestimate the power of a simple bunch of roses. It may be old school but the smile it leaves on your face is priceless and timeless.

  4. Goody box- Pamper them. Get a box and fill it with their favourite things like chocolates, tees, some game they like and maybe you can even hide your big surprise in there such as a watch or a ring.

  5. Open when letters- This requires time but it will make them smile their biggest smile ever. Write letters and tell them when they can open them. Example- for when they are missing you, for when they are trying to quit a habit and they need a little encouragement etc. Nothing says I love you better than love letters.

           Let your imagination ride wild because your love cannot be measured.