Lies That Are Ok To Say In A Relationship…

    Many of you might be of the opinion that there should be honesty and transparency in a relationship in order to avoid misunderstandings and fights. You might think there shouldn’t be any room for lies in the closest of relationships.
    However, lying to some extent is good for building and having a successful relationship. Here are some things you can lie about in a relationship and make you relationship a bit strong:
  • To avoid broadcasting: “You look great”- “Do these pants make me look bulky?”, sometimes saying the truth can be damaging or hurtful, if possible try to say the truth in a less hurtful way, otherwise lying to the escape!.
  • To show deceptive affection- “I love you more than anything”- Sometimes we don’t feel good enough to express our feelings, mood swings take over our good behavior, as long as foundation is on true feelings, deceptive affection may help in maintaining a relationship.
  • For protective buffering- “I’m fine”- if you’re caring enough to not give your partner any kind of stress, this is what you should be lying about at times.
  • To just stop a fight- “You’re right" – Sometimes letting your defenses down is effective, though it might seem counter intuitive. Thus, if you’re going to lie to your partner and In return not mind being lied to it is better to set some ground rules. With time it is vital to modify those rules so that it doesn’t ruin your relationship.