Horoscope Of The Day (24/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


What is your idea of a soulmate? Is it limited to ‘the one’ or a group of people your soul feels connected with? Bring your clan together, darling! Today calls for a celebration of your closest bonds.



It’s not that you haven’t experienced your share of disappointments, it’s just that you have made a conscious decision to rise about them. This, right here, is your moment of truth. Recognise who and what isn’t good for you and show them the exit door.



Playing multitasker extraordinaire is a superpower. When does responsibility take the form of burden? Recognise the distinction. Free yourself from the pressure of having to deal with everything at once. Rule #1: Delegate. Rule #2: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.



Manifestation mode on. The new work opportunities you are attracting are very much in alignment with your goals. What you make of them is the real gamechanger.



There’s a need to venture into the past in order to resolve issues of the present. Tread cautiously. Be aware of the difference between conflict and confrontation.



Decisions, decisions! Is there a pressing matter that needs your attention? Tune into your feelings. The heart already knows the way.



Everything in our lives happens for a reason. Yes, the bad stuff too. The conflict in your outer world is a result of conflict in the inner world. Clean out the excess baggage to reach a space of clarity.



In order to move forward, we sometimes need to deal with issues from the past. It’s time to get the closure you have been thinking about.



What’s the real marker of strength? How you stand on your own two feet when everything comes crashing down. Prepare to be tested.



Romance is a superpower. As your lay the foundation of open and honest communication, you experiences new levels of intimacy with your partner. In a world of ;complicated relationships’ show somebody your ‘soul’.



If a sense of discomfort arises from your interaction with someone, stop and rethink. Why does it feel wrong in your soul? Remember: You are responsible for your experiences. You are responsible for your world.



Find your balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. In an action-oriented world, take a moment to stop and breathe.