How To Get Over Relationship Insecurities?

Insecurities are a part of a relationship. For sometime, they may seem to be cute but eventually they tend to toxicate the relationship and cause differences. Everyone who has been or is in a relationship has gone through this phase and most likely the chances are they’ve been at one or the other ends of this insecurity web; either been the worrier or been with the worrier. Most of us have actually experienced both.
The cause and cure of insecurity is within us alone. Insecurities can drift our loved ones away. Insecurity doesn’t develop in a day or two, it happens over time, this struggle of having insecurities is so internal and most of the time dependent on the circumstances. Therefore, it is vital to deal with insecurities without dragging and affecting out partner into and because of them.
  • Realizing the deep and real reason of insecurities- We often get so insecure in our relationships that we forget the reason behind the same, the main reasons why we get insecure can be – not giving sufficient space, confusing imagination with reality, assuming things, trying to mind read the other person, seeing problems unnecessarily, not talking about issues.
  • Challenging the inner insecure person that sabotages the relationship- Once you decide not to get insecure, trust your positive instincts, things start getting better, it is vital to start challenging the negative aspects and eventually try to overcome them. When you take a chance to not let insecurities drive and dictate your behavior, two scenarios arise, either the relationship and love blossoms or you grow better within yourself. Therefore, no time is wasted when we take a chance without letting our insecurities dictate our behavior, the best case scenario is that the relationship blossoms, and the worst case is that we grow within ourselves. No time is wasted when we learn something about ourselves or that helps us nourish our relationship.