Marriage – A Boon To Your Lives.

    Marriage is an institution which brings two bodies and a soul together for eternity. Marriage is a love affair ; a tailor-made by god. Marriage along with a legal bond, is an emotion that keeps us alive and together with each other and for each other. Beyond the materialistic approaches and fantasies, the world where every wrong doing comes to an end. Apart from acting as a support , marriage also adds fun to your life:
  • Someone will always be around to kill that spider on the wall .
  • Studies have suggested that married couples live longer – So, yes! You are going to live longer.
  • No more being lonely on a valentine’s day.
  • You have someone to share your deepest secrets with and to fight as well when they are not listening.
  • You will have someone who is going to support you in all things.
  • Gaining kilos of weight ? He/she will still adore you.
  • Your partner in crime.
  • Your date on Saturday nights and your ‘Monday morning blues’ partner.