Horoscope Of The Day (9/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


While your goals are on point, there may be some confusion with regards to the way forward. Focus on gaining clarity, but don’t stop for one second. Know that all the hard work you’re putting in at the moment counts.



Your biggest revelation: you are not your limitations. The more you open yourself to new opportunities, the more they present themselves to you. Think about how you increase your outreach. How you can create ripples in the world. It’s time to start writing the next chapter of your own success story.



Sometimes you don’t need skills to win the lottery, you need a strong sense of intuition. Nobody doubts your sharp-as-a-knife mind. But in order to win this game, you’re going to have to trust your instinct a little bit.



Here’s a shout out to the accountant who is spending every free second perfecting the art of cupcakes and the musician who is also learning to be a photographer. Expanding your horizons means being open to newer opportunities. Yes, you are capable of doing it all.



The theme for today: home. Trouble in paradise is a sign that there is some more inner work left to do. Issues will do their thing of resurfacing unexpectedly. What’s important here is that your love is strong. Find a way to work through life’s many storms.



Things to meditate upon your need to isolate yourself. Having a difference of opinion is not a reason to shut yourself off. Find a harmonious way to work with the team. You’ll be surprised how much love and acceptance you attract when you’re willing to love and accept yourself.



Just when you thought you’d spend the rest of your life playing Cat Lady Extraordinaire, life finds a way to surprise you. Or an old friend decides to play the new love interest. It all comes down to how open and willing you are to new experiences.



Part of growing up and putting your adult pants on is acknowledging the journey. Your roots. The very people who helped you reach where you are today. What a perfect day to express your gratitude to Ma and Pa.



If you want things to work your way, make them. Take a stance for yourself. Ask for that promotion. Demand a raise. Tell your lover it’s forever or you’re willing to go separate ways. Just a little push from you will make everything fall in place. Just the way you’d always imagined.



Life is waiting to happen to you if only you’d say yes. You are not your limitation. You are growth, expansiveness, and evolution. Open yourself to opportunities that take you to the beyond. Yes, they come with financial potential.



Who says you need to be a shaman or a reiki master? Your presence in itself can bring a smile on somebody’s face. Your love has the power to heal the world. Make a conscious effort to reach out to your soul tribe. We are all here to love and support each other.



Self-expression takes a whole new meaning in your world. It’s never just about the words you put out. It’s about the way you speak when you’re not speaking. How you use various mediums to communicate your truth, from what you wear to how you lace your coffee.