Horoscope Of The Day (8/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


What’s your vision for yourself and the world? The stronger your faith the likely you are to manifest people and opportunities that will help you further your cause. Got a business idea on your mind? Potent time to look for a suitable investor.


Life often works in loops until we resolve unfinished business from the past. As you find yourself confronting your demons, your family and your tribe form a solid support system. Focus on resolving the issue at hand so you can break free from this loop forever.



To feel emotions in their entirety is truly a superpower. But do you want to get so lost in the trap of emotions that you forget to deal with the real issues at hand? Don’t let your ‘feelings’ stop you from creating. From taking the required action.



Before you take a bold step towards the future, take a moment to venture to the past. In the realm of your finances, what have these experiences taught you? Adopt a minimalist attitude. Meditate upon how and where you can cut corners without taking away the essence of the final product.



After years and years of working with others, you’re finally ready to take a stance for yourself. To be your boss. Meditate upon how you can create space in your life for this perfect future.



The theme for today: healing. Your relationship with your dad, mentor or a father figure in your life undergoes a huge shift. Sure, they haven’t been perfect, but they’ve been there in whatever way they can. Forgive hard. Love them harder.



On a mission to take over the world? Take a moment to ascertain what you will need on this journey. Find nifty ways to further your cause. Invest your money only where you will get your money’s worth.



Things are moving in your favor. Say yes to wealth, abundance and good fortune! The energy of the moment requires taking action. It’s a time to constantly create your future. What adds to the magic of the moment is that your personal life is so on point. Both your family and your coworkers remind you just how loved you are.



Confront the demons from the past. The unresolved issues that manifest themselves in new forms. The future is full of potential. In order to embrace it you have to learn from the past.



Your superpower: opening your heart to the one you love despite being hurt several times over. Things may not always be perfect. What matters is that you and your partner are able to support each other through life’s many storms.



Living in the moment is for rookies. You’re all about the planning and precision. Your superpower: perfection. If you have committed to something, you will go to the ends of the world to get it done. P.S. There’s a success story waiting to be written here.



Flow and balance. Balance and flow. The theme for today: connecting with your soul tribe and letting your unconditional love be known.