Horoscope Of the Day (6/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Let go of the feeling that life is a constant struggle. You are loved, protected, and taken care of. Sure, you will face your fair share of challenges. But life never gives us anything we’re not equipped to handle. You can only grow from here.



Despite your share of ‘bad romance’, you’re willing to believe in the power of love. Sometimes things fall into place seamlessly. At other times, we have to make a few ‘adjustments’ for our partners. If the love is true, trust that you will have just the happy ending you’re looking for.



Making a fresh start? Take a moment to reflect upon your past experiences. Create a strong financial base this time ‘round. Make a conscious effort to curb the expenses that lead to a sense of loss.



On one hand, there’s a fulfilling opportunity knocking at your door. On the other hand, the sense that you may not get along with your coworkers. If the project is worth pursuing, find a way to keep personal and professional separate. Focus on harmony to create a space to express yourself.



Why waste time on Mr.Right Now when Mr.Right is knocking at your door? Say yes to love that will stand the test of time. Seeking a partner who will seamlessly fit into the family? Make a list of qualities and read them out to the higher powers.



The difference between you then and you now is that you’ve learned to trust yourself like nobody’s business. As you take yet another bold step towards something you believe in, the Universe immediately responds. Keep moving forward until you can kiss the stars.



Your sense of peace come comes from your sense of justice. You go to bed with a smile on your face. You not only fought for your cause but also saved the world in the process.



Here’s to the financial analysts who are up all night making music. And the lawyers who can’t wait to come back to their nest and bake that perfect carrot cake. Your sense happiness comes from being able to push your boundaries and does more than your degree or job profile allows you to.



You’ve already time traveled to 2050. Such is the power of your visionary ideas! Believe in the 100% and the world is sure to respond.



Nothing and nobody get to bring you down, down, down. Here’s the taking charge of your circumstances and walking out on people and situations that no longer serve your highest good.



Are you ‘choosing’ to stay in less-than-perfect conditions because you’re too afraid to take a stance for yourself. Too afraid to move. Remember that it is on the other side of fear that life is waiting to embrace you.



Sassy mantra for the day: yes. Say yes to growth, expansion, and opportunities that support taking your career to the next level. Say yes to travel opportunities, especially if they help you bag a big client. Some of you may get the chance to collaborate with a client abroad.