Is It True That Love Wears Out With Time?

    Love never goes by the rule of ‘being loved back’, because when we love someone; we keep loving them even if they don’t love us back. However, as time passes by, bad phases of our life have their affect on our relationships. Now, the question arises : “ Does love wears out with time”? No, it doesn’t. With time our perceptions change, we go through bad times and it feels like nothing is working and we get pissed off with people surrounding us. If you see the situation through my eyes, that is just a bad phase, a bad day, bad month or may be a bad year. I seems like you are falling out of love but in reality you are not. This bad phase needs patience and realization that this is just a bad phase and that’s why things are like the way they are:
  • Be loving with your partner even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Try to be his/her friend in their bad times. Develop friendship side of your relationship.
  • Value their decision and remember that the other person is an individual with their own thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Compromise and show patience towards things happening around.
  • Relationship and love has to be selfless and sometimes, we feel that it’s not worth trying for. You just need to have faith in your relationship and love you shared over the years. Have patience, keep calm and everything will fall on its place. It’s just a bad phase not a bad life.