Horoscope Of The Day (1/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Stand in your personal power. What makes you a superhero? Is it managing people? Releasing trauma? Standing up for the underdog? Or helping express them through. Don’t be afraid to change in your little way.



Say hello to harvest season! It’s time to feast on the fruits of your labor. As life rewards you for all the hard work you have put in, you’ll find that you have more than one reason to pop that champagne bottle.



Thoughts to things, Gemini! There is so much synchronicity in your life right now. Take a moment to express your gratitude. Good vibes are a magnet for more good vibes. The miracles in your life will only increase manifold.



Freedom is a choice, Cancer! One that can you choose this very second. The bad memories and the toxic emotions you have been carrying are only making your heart heavier. Surrender and release that which no longer serves you. Make a place for good things in your heart and in your life.



Are chants and mantras are our only way to communion with the higher powers? Say yes to spontaneity. Let the message you want to communicate flow through and allow the answers to come to you in the form of flashes, feelings, visions, and dreams. The higher powers are looking out for you.



Here’s a little reminder from your angels that they are always on duty. Are looking out for you in a hundred different ways. So be open to their help. Seeking an answer in any area of your life? You are sure to receive a sign.



Trust yourself. Trust your army of angels. Sure, you’ve had your fair share of life-shattering experiences in the past. Doesn’t the good outweigh? Keep focusing on the good stuff and let it work as a magnet for more good.



Rise from the ashes, Scorpio! The experiences you’ve gone through have only made you stronger and sexier. Give yourself the gift of acceptance. You have never been more you than you are now.



In a world of do, do, do, allow yourself to be, be, be. Engage in simple things that bring you peace and joy. Spend time in your own company. Nurture yourself.



Thoughts become things. Now would you waste your thoughts anything that you wouldn’t want to see in your reality? Focus on what you want to create. Focus on the changes you want. Your thoughts are the key to a new reality.



If it doesn’t feel right in your body and soul, it isn’t good for you. To make truth and integrity a practice, you have to start by first being honest with yourself. Once you start living by your truth, everything (and everybody) in your life that’s inauthentic automatically gets replaced.



Staying in your center despite the turbulences outside is truly a superpower. It is this level of superlative calm that will help you find solutions to life’s many problems. Say yes to miracles! Say yes to the power of healing!