Horoscope Of The Day (31/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Get ready for some creative visualisation. Fast forward to 2027. What does your life look like? Who are you sharing it with? Does your house have just the view you need to make your soul sing?  Send a powerful intent into the Universe about the future you want to create.

As they say, “Seek and you shall find.”



Honour your past. The people and experiences that made you who you are today. The very image of pure passion, power, and creative energy. As you stand in your personal power today, ask yourself how you can change the world.



How to maximise on career opportunities. Combine your weird and wonderful ideas with a strong business know how. Your ability to constantly provide something ‘different’ to the client makes you covetable in the workforce.



How do you express your truth? What is your message to the world? Self-expression takes a whole new meaning as you find ways to push the boundaries little by little. Remember that intention is nothing without action. Be willing to set the wheels in motion.



Your biggest revelation: you are your own source of happiness. The more you love and honour yourself, the more you invoke the same feelings in others. And a lot of time that means, not settling for less than what you deserve. And not taking bullshit from others.



The act of giving makes one richer, not poorer. All the love you put into the Universe mysteriously finds its way back to you. Dealing with people who have ‘loose morals’? You truly believe that nothing that’s yours can be taken away from you.



No matter where in the world you are, call your father up. Living under the same roof? Wrap him up in a warm embrace. Each and every individual comes into our life for a reason. As you begin to honour what he brings into your life, your relationship undergoes a drastic shift.



Feeling let down by somebody you trusted? Take the time you need to ‘figure things out’.



We’re all here to love and support each other. How can you lend a helping hand to your tribe? If a writing a paycheque can help further a cause, then do what a good samaritan does.



You laugh at people who turn lemons to lemonades. Lemon tarts or nothing, babe! As life throws yet another challenge your way, you show her who’s the boss.



When it comes to business decisions, take calculated risks. It’s very easy to get caught in illusions. Not everything that looks good on paper will necessarily bring in big benefits.



Don’t give up just yet! This is the final leg of the war. You’ll be ready to kiss the stars once you make your way up from here.fin